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I support Paid Leave for All & Childcare!

Workers Stories

"I’ve been expected to work in unsafe and unhealthy working conditions with no paid sick days."

Raymond Hart, he/him


Paid Leave for All National Bus Tour 


August 2

Providence, RI (Eventbrite + Facebook)

Boston, MA (Eventbrite + Facebook)

August 3

Albany, New York (Eventbrite + Facebook)

New York City (Eventbrite + Facebook)

August 4

Wilmington, DE (Eventbrite + Facebook)

Care Can’t Wait Joint Event in DC (Eventbrite + Facebook)

August 5

Norfolk, VA (Eventbrite + Facebook)

Richmond, VA (Eventbrite + Facebook)

August 6

Roanoke, VA (Eventbrite + Facebook)

Charleston, WV (Eventbrite + Facebook)

August 9

Denver (Eventbrite + Facebook)

August 10

Colorado Springs (Eventbrite + Facebook)

August 12

Las Vegas (Eventbrite + Facebook)

August 13

Phoenix (Eventbrite + Facebook)